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Can Dom's Cleaning Service Save My Carpet?

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **What about that bleach spot on my hallway carpet, or that tear in the family room ? What about where the sun has faded that area to a different color by the sliding glass door? Can those wrinkles be taken out? These are some of the common questions asked by our clients. And usually, the answer is "yes" to most of these concerns. Dom's Cleaning Service Technicians are certified in carpet cleaning, carpet repair, color restoration, and reinstallation and can provide services to the homeowner to improve the appearance, and extend the useful life of their carpets. Listed below are some of the most common types of procedures that can be performed by your Dom's Cleaning Service Technician to "save" your carpet:

A very common repair today is to correct buckling or wrinkling in the carpet. This usually appears two to four years after installation. Besides looking bad, they cause carpet to wear unevenly, and pose a serious slip and fall hazard. These should be repaired immediately, due the fact that they get worse over time and can cause a permanent crease and discoloration in the carpet.

Sooner or later it happens to everyone, something is spilled on the carpet. But did the spill cause a spot or a stain? A spot is a deposit of foreign material that can be easily cleaned out of a carpet by your Dom's Cleaning Service Technician. A stain however, is permanent and cannot be removed by standard cleaning procedures. Urine, bleach, and Kool-Aid (among others) contain substances that permanently change the color of the fibers. In these situations, it is necessary to neutralize, then remove the bleach or dye. The color can then be restored to those fibers to blend more closely with the surrounding carpet.

Physical damage to carpet can often be repaired through seaming or a precision bonded insert. Even if a donor piece of carpet is not available, often a piece can be scavenged from a closet or other inconspicuous area.

Common to loop pile carpet is the pulling of fibers. It is very important to catch these early. A looped carpet is like a knitted sweater, where a pull just gets longer and longer with time. Your Dom's Cleaning Service Technician can reburl the "bundle wraps" that have been pulled out of the carpet backing.

Common to many homes is a condition called "filtration soiling". This is caused by air circulation within the home, between floors, walls and rooms. The air contains a very fine oily dirt that is trapped in the carpet fibers. It is more evident in some homes than others, and usually is only in certain areas of the home. Sometimes this can be a severe problem, but usually it just causes black lines to form around baseboards and under doors that are kept closed. It is however, very difficult to clean, and requires special cleaning agents and tools.

Carpets often fray at the edges. Usually we see this at thresholds, where the flooring changes from carpet to hard surface. The problem many times is delamination. Delamination occurs when the face yarns separate from the backing of the carpet. Your Dom's Cleaning Service Technician can often fix this problem by injecting or reapplying a latex adhesive to rejoin the two layers of carpet.

These are some of the most common repair issues we are asked about while in our clients homes. It is important that consumers know that these problems can be repaired. Keep in mind, damage to carpet fibers and backing weakens the carpet and generally gets worse over time. Prompt and immediate attention by your Dom's Cleaning Service Technician can increase the odds of successful resolution to your concerns. The most important thing to remember however is that your Dom's Cleaning Service Technician is experienced, trained and certified in carpet cleaning, carpet repair, color restoration and reinstallation. Dom's Cleaning Service Technicians obtain training and certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the IICRC, as well as other sources. The IICRC is the standard setting board for carpet cleaning and restoration companies. The standards published by the IICRC are recognized as the industry standards nationwide.

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