Oriental Rug Cleaning Long Island

Dom’s Cleaning Service is Long Island’s premium Oriental Rug Cleaner. Contact Dom’s Cleaning Service for professional quality service you can’t find anywhere else. Dom’s Cleaning Service will pick up, professionally clean and then deliver your fine oriental rugs. We offer full service to our clients, because we know how busy your schedule is.
In-Plant Oriental Rug Cleaning Long Island

Dom’s Cleaning Service has provided this valuable
service since 1990 and the reason for our success is the great care we take in cleaning your rugs and the procedure we employ in order to achieve these outstanding results.

We DO NOT treat oriental rugs in the same way we treat wall to wall carpet. Unfortunately, a lot of cleaners do that! Your rugs will be :

  • Inspected for any possible special condition at the time we pick them up.
  • Dusted (pic.1 below) with a special machine that vibrates them from the back to remove all soil. This is just one reason why we DO NOT clean area rugs in your house.
  • Hand washed (pic.2) on both sides to assure that a complete cleaning is achieved.
  • Rinsed (pic.3) for a complete flushing of all soil and cleaning agents.
  • Force dried (pic 4), a very important step to avoid bleeding of colors or shrinkage.
  • Protected, scotchguarded or mothproofed (optional)